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Time to Take to the Streets to Demand Medicare for All!

Single payer activists want Medicare for All front and center in Congress. But Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal have put the issue on the back burner. Sanders has yet to reintroduce his single payer legislation in the Senate. Instead, Sanders is pushing for a step by step approach – dropping the Medicare age to 60 and expanding it to cover dental, hearing and vision. This step by step approach is justified by Sanders supporters like Michael Lighty who wrote recently that “Medicare for All isn’t yet winnable – expansion is.” And while Congresswoman Jayapal introduced her Medicare for All legislation (HR 1384) in March, she made it clear that she was more interested in the Sanders step by step approach. Inside the beltway progressives refuse to challenge Sanders and Jayapal. Read more…

Health Justice Monitor, June 1 2021