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Bernie’s Medicare for All Town Hall

Medicare for All Town Hall with Bernie Sanders

The Medicare for All National Town Hall hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders from Washington. It's time to make health care a right!
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Sanders to Stream ‘Medicare for All’ Town Hall — January 23

"Going outside traditional media," the Senator and his partners will "do what cable channels and network news will not," and will live stream an in-depth discussion about how the United States could transition to a single-payer healthcare system.
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Democracy in Chains Event

Essential Event for Single-Payer Advocates

The single-payer movement, to be successful, must tackle the obstacles detailed by award-winning author Nancy Maclean. Free ticket required.
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Single Payer Myths: Removing People From Employer Plans

Critics argue that single payer has a unique problem in that it would remove people from employer-provided health plans. … One remarkable aspect of this particular criticism (which I am going to call the “switching pain” criticism) is that it never seems to be fleshed out beyond a few sentences. I do not know why exactly this is. But one reason might be because, when you do so, the argument becomes totally indefensible. …
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C-Span Debate

“Can a Single Payer Health System Work in the U.S.?”

Watch the debate between Michael Tanner, Cato Institute and Dr Margaret Flowers, Health Over Profit and Physicians for a National Health Plan on C-Span’s Washington Journal.
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Ann Coulter

In Memory of Ann Coulter

In Memory of Ann Coulter, 1944 to September 20, 2017. Ann Coulter (also known as The Good Ann Coulter) stayed engaged in the effort to achieve single-payer until the day she died.
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