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Medicare 4 All Now

Tell Congress: Medicare 4 All, Now

HR 1976 Improved Medicare for All is the Answer. Let Representative Mooney (202) 225-2711 know you want him to co-sponsor and support HR 1976. Sign the Petition.
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Medicare for All - A Citizens Guild book

Zoom Forum: “Medicare for All: A Citizen’s Guide” Book Discussion

We are thrilled to welcome Drs. Abdul El-Sayed and Micah Johnson for a discussion of their new book, Medicare for All: A Citizen's Guide, on Tuesday, March 2 at 8:00 pm.
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Got PIISD? billboard

Help Re-energize Single-Payer Efforts

Help Re-energize EPSPAN, the Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network! Research shows that when 3.5% of the population is actively engaged, the sought-after change occurs. You can be the tipping point needed to enact National Improved Medicare for All. …
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How to Win Medicare for All Under President Biden

With a Democratic White House and Congress, we have an opportunity to organize like never before to finally achieve a universal, single-payer healthcare system. Let’s seize it. …
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Single Payer Health Care March

Now is the time to work for model single payer legislation

Now is the time in the congressional calendar before bills are re-introduced when we can make necessary changes in the proposed single payer legislation.
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Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s Plan to Give Everyone Health Care During the Pandemic Could Transform Our Health System

Bernie Sanders’s proposal to create a national emergency health insurance plan could have a transformative effect on the national health care debate, long after the COVID pandemic is over. But that plan, along with any other progressive policies, will be rendered moot if Joe Biden sticks to his insistence on seeking Republican support in Congress.
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