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Local Online Forum Sept 21

National Improved Medicare for All? Free Market? Public Option? The American Conversation Series: Healthcare — An Issue of Our Time from the Stubblefield Institute. Details here. Be sure to register and submit your questions ahead of time. September 21, 6:30–8:00pm via Zoom and Facebook Live
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Medicare for All 101 Webinars

Basics of Improved Medicare for All

This National Nurses United call is to learn more about the basics of Medicare for All and the national campaign to win it.
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Opinion: A Vote for American Healthcare is a Vote for Violence

By Maggie Mills — A recent study by Yale epidemiologists found that Medicare-for-All would prevent 68,000 deaths a year. These 68,000 deaths are not quiet, peaceful deaths. They are gasping-for-air, writhing-in-pain, bleeding out, wasting, violent, gruesome deaths. These deaths often follow extended periods of physical pain, emotional distress, and financial ruin. The same study found that Medicare-for-All would save the United States 45 billion dollars annually. ...
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The American Conversation Series

Healthcare – The Issue of Our Time

Reserve your free ticket for The American Conversation Series: Healthcare- The Issue of Our Time on March 12, 6:30pm, at the Frank Center Theater. Single-payer proponent, Richard Master, of Businesses for Medicare for All, is on the panel. He produced the film Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point.
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The Urban Institute’s Single Payer Cost Estimate: False Assumptions False Conclusions

The Urban Institute’s (UI) new analyses of the costs of a single-payer reform, along with other reform options, posits impossibly large increases in the utilization of medical care (ignoring real world experience with coverage expansions in the U.S.), and discounts the vast administrative savings achieved by single payer systems in other nations, and by the U.S. Medicare program. …
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Why a Public Option

Why a ‘public option’ isn’t enough

… [A]s Democrats have realized how well the phrase “Medicare For All” polls with voters, its meaning has been deliberately muddied. Most of the Democratic presidential candidates now support something they call “Medicare For All,” but it’s often not clear what they mean by it. Some, when they clarify specifics, make it clear that what they actually want is a “public option,” i.e. a new kind of government insurance plan that you can buy within the structure of the existing healthcare marketplace. …
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