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Am I a Single Payor Zealot?

Yes I am. If believing that we should jettison $800 billion in administrative bloat and transfer the savings to health care makes me a zealot, I accept the label.
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Healthcare for All

Democrats Propose Medicare for a Few More Instead of Demanding Medicare for All

Health care activists were disappointed when The American Families Plan proposed by President Biden failed to include prioritizing expansion of Medicare.
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Voting Rights Are Healthcare Rights

When politicians are no longer accountable to voters, they serve their most powerful and deep-pocketed donors.
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March for Medicare for All details

March for Medicare for All in D.C.

Saturday July 24, 11am – 5pm.
A brief overview of the day:
11am - Meet at Lincoln Park east of the Capitol Complex in Washington; 11:45am - Opening speeches; 12:30pm – March; 2pm - Return to Lincoln Park for speeches, a vigil and live entertainment
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Time to Take to the Streets to Demand Medicare for All!

Single payer activists want Medicare for All front and center in Congress. But Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal have put the issue on the back burner. Sanders has yet to reintroduce his single payer legislation in the Senate. Instead, Sanders is pushing for a step by step approach – dropping the Medicare age…
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MFA Act Delivers

About the New Single-Payer Bill

The Medicare for all Act of 2021: A Premiere on HR 1976 — Short PowerPoint slide show provides an excellent synopsis.
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