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Senator Joe Manchin

Say It Ain’t So, Joe

Suggested op-ed for newspapers, addressed to Senator Manchin concerning the the Build Back Better legislation.
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Medicare Under Attack

"More than 30 million beneficiaries who have chosen Traditional Medicare could be assigned into largely investor-owned Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) without the beneficiaries’ understanding or consent."
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Health Care for All Summit

Healthcare for All WV — Update Fall 2021

Save the Date — Virtual Health Care Summit October 26-27. Register in advance for this webinar.
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Health Justice Monitor logo

Am I a Single Payor Zealot?

Yes I am. If believing that we should jettison $800 billion in administrative bloat and transfer the savings to health care makes me a zealot, I accept the label.
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Healthcare for All

Democrats Propose Medicare for a Few More Instead of Demanding Medicare for All

Health care activists were disappointed when The American Families Plan proposed by President Biden failed to include prioritizing expansion of Medicare.
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Universal Healthcare Equals Freedom sign

Voting Rights Are Healthcare Rights

When politicians are no longer accountable to voters, they serve their most powerful and deep-pocketed donors.
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