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HIPPAA in a Post Roe World

With Roe v. Wade now overturned, patients are wondering whether federal laws will shield their reproductive health data from state law enforcement, or legal action more broadly. The answer, currently, is no.
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West Virginia Citizen Action Group Summer Update

There is sooo much going in this summer and WVCAG is in the thick of it. Here’s the 12th edition of our Capital Eye newsletter to break it all down.
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Analysis of the 2022 Senate Medicare-for-All Legislation

Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the Medicare for All Act of 2022 (S. 4204), along with 14 co-sponsors. I’ll explain what’s in the bill, what’s different from the previous version, and how the bill differs from PNHP’s Physicians Proposal for Single-Payer Reform (PDF).
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Joe Biden is Privatizing Medicare

he Biden administration is expanding Donald Trump’s Medicare privatization scheme that is forcing hundreds of thousands of seniors onto for-profit health plans.
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Ask Sen. Manchin to become a cosponsor of Medicare for All

Will you take the first step, and add your name to the official petition calling on Senator Manchin to cosponsor Medicare for All?
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Medicare Direct Contracting Testifying Before Congress

Learn more about this program threatening both Medicare and National Improved Medicare for All. Tune in February 2 as Physicians for a National Health Program President, Dr. Susan Rogers, testifies before Congress!
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