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Help Re-energize Single-Payer Efforts

Help Re-energize EPSPAN, the Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network! Research shows that when 3.5% of the population is actively engaged, the sought-after change occurs. 1,2 You can be the tipping point needed to enact National Improved Medicare for All. 3,4 Ever-increasing support for single-payer + the new Congress + new White House = now is the time to build momentum.

EPSPAN has infrastructure that includes:

  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Email contact list of > 450 people
  • Accomplishments since its founding in 2009: Well-attended public presentations, legislative advocacy, demonstrations, and local and national networking.

For that momentum, EPSPAN needs your involvement on one of the following teams.

  • Social Media – Help EPSPAN’s Facebook person reach out and educate through as many social media outlets as possible.
  • Email gurus – Learn Mailchimp to send out action-emails.
  • Letter writers – draft and submit letters to the editor on a regular basis.
  • Publicity – Draft and send press releases for EPSPAN-organized programs. Establish relationships with editors and reporters.
  • Legislative and other advocacy – Even if our WV members of Congress are unsympathetic, we still need to make our voices heard! Organize lobby visits, establish relationships with officials and their staff. Organize efforts to persuade other WV healthcare champions and unions, for example, to take a strong stand for single-payer.
  • Business Outreach – talk to and garner support of local business owners.
  • Coordinator or Co-Coordinators – Convene meetings on Zoom, draft meeting agendas, ensure notes are kept and distributed.
  • Coordination – Insure mission, goals, strategy, implementation.
  • Liaison with other single-payer organizations – Participate in and report back on calls hosted by Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), National Nurses United, the WV statewide PNHP chapter being formed, and other groups.
  • Literature & Tabling – Maintain multiple copies of literature for distribution at post-COVID events, festivals. Recruit and train people to staff information tables.

Contact us with your level of interest and Team(s) of choice.

Thank you for your continued support of single payer and Improved Medicare for All! 

Join us! Be one of the 3.5%.

 – Amber Byers, Stephanie Nicodemus, Terry Thorson, Rie Wilson (Treasurer), Lynn Yellott




3 In Jefferson County, help activate a total of 1067 people. 4 In Berkeley County, 2076 people.