The American Conversation Series

Healthcare – The Issue of Our Time

Reserve your free ticket for The American Conversation Series: Healthcare- The Issue of Our Time on March 12, 6:30pm, at the Frank Center Theater.

Single-payer proponent, Richard Master, of Businesses for Medicare for All , is on the panel. He produced the film Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point.

The purpose of the forum is to conduct an open discussion on healthcare and how it’s the center of America’s topic of conversation, especially in this political climate. We now intend to focus an entire event on healthcare, our first forum devoted to a single issue. The Institute’s belief is that the debate over healthcare remains the most important issue among American voters and is especially intense during a presidential election year. Our goal is to demonstrate this issue can be discussed in a civil, authentic manner and more importantly, in a way that intelligent, solutions can be reached.

The American Conversation Series, Stubblefield Institute