EPSPAN in Manchin's Office

EPSPAN Delivers Petitions to Senators

Eastern Panhandle Single-Payer Action Network members delivered petitions to the offices of Senators Manchin and Capito on February 27. They call on the senators to co-sponsor Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill. Pictured (left to right) are Keith McIntosh and Mike Garcia of Senator Manchin’s office, Rie Wilson, Stephanie Nicodemus, and Lynn Moses Yellott of EPSPAN.

EPSPAN pointed out that with improved Medicare for all, PEIA will never again be an issue for teachers. “Everyone in our country will have healthcare financed by a fair tax rather than by premiums, deductibles, and copays. For 95% of us, that tax will be less than we now pay for out-of-pocket expenses. Teachers, and all the rest of us, will not have the stress of worrying how we will afford healthcare,” Yellott stated.

Comprehensive services will include vision, hearing, and dental. All of us will have free choice of physicians because there will be no insurance company networks limiting our freedom to choose; and there will be no insurance companies dictating how doctors practice medicine.

EPSPAN members also addressed questions of how our country can afford improved Medicare for All. Negotiating the costs of prescription medicines, equipment, and supplies, required by the bill, will yield significant savings. In addition, no healthcare dollars will be siphoned off by insurance company profits, excessive overhead, campaign contributions, and lobbyists. The billing overhead now required of hospitals and practitioners will be vastly reduced. Economic analyses have shown how these savings will be significant factors in enabling a single-payer plan to provide comprehensive healthcare for everyone.