YES to Chronic Care

Chronic Care

Once again you are headed to the ER. Your child’s asthma has gotten much worse. You know this will be an expensive visit, but she is struggling to breathe. You couldn’t afford to refill both inhalers the doctor prescribed at the last visit. They want you to take her to a lung specialist. But that…

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YES to Prevention


Your father died of colon cancer. Your sister told you she had several polyps removed during her recent colonoscopy. She showed you the bill for the procedure. Her insurance only covered 1/4 of the total amount, but even that is more than a month’s rent for you. You don’t have any insurance, so you would…

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YES to Job Freedom

Job Freedom

You have worked for your present employer for 3 years. Another opportunity has come your way. You want to move on to more interesting work and a higher pay rate. It would mean relocation and better work opportunities for your spouse. But the new employer has a different insurance benefit, one that does not cover…

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NO Exclusions

No Exclusions

Your young adult child has been diagnosed with a serious mental health problem. Your family has been through a long and frightening experience. Your physician has recommended a psychiatrist, and you are anxious to get your child started in treatment. You have searched for a doctor who is in network. However, your insurance company has…

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NO Deductible

No Deductible

You have a chronic medical problem that is causing you to miss work. You need to see a doctor. But you haven’t met the $3000 annual deductible and you do not have the $30 co-pay for each office visit. It is hard enough just to cover groceries, utility bills, rent, and medical expenses for your…

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NO Network

No Network

You are pregnant for the second time and need to start prenatal care soon. You had some difficulties in your first pregnancy, and you would like to see the obstetrician who took care of you last time. You trust her, and she is familiar with your case. But your employer has changed insurance companies, and…

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NO Bankruptcy

No Bankruptcy

A family member has a very serious health problem that has required multiple hospitalizations and extensive care at home. Your insurance has reached its lifetime cap and will no longer cover your bills. For several months you have left household bills unpaid in order to provide the care needed. Now you fear losing your house…

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